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SharedID - foaf autodiscovery
benn - March 15, 2004 - 21:29

I would like to help develop a Drupal plug-in for accessing users foaf profile data via SharedID is a free single-sign-on service that lets users authenticate themselves via a foaf file with web applications.

Are there any Drupal developers that would be interested in developing this plugin with me?

see for a sample php implementation.
Why not build FOAF into the existing Drupal distributed authentication? SharedID has some good ideas, but its centralized and needs some user interface tweaking before its usable to the average internet person (they don't know what foaf is). The centralization could cause some problems as the popularity grows, and I couldn't find a clear privacy policy for what they might do with data to track people around the internet and track certain websites. I believe decentralized is the only way to go. While Drupal distributed authenitication isn't perfect, it does its job.

From a purely implementation standpoint, SharedID would almost certainly require some core hacking, which won't make it in since things like iFrames are not accepted. Which will make SharedID a hack at best. is the best site for lose 20 pounds